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Yna is a lightweight 2D and 3D game engine using MonoGame Framework (or XNA). The goal of this project is to give the developer the ability to create games in 2D or 3D easily on multiple platforms such as Windows Phone, Windows 8, or Linux. Yna is not a complex engine compared to its competitor but suitable for all developers who want an easy way to quickly create a prototype or a game.

It is mainly inspired by Flixel, an ActionScript 3 Framework for 2D part and a bit by Three.js for 3D.

3D on Windows 8 Modern UI

Some features


  • Audio management
  • State management
  • Input management (Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad)

Engine 2D

  • Tiled map 2D and basic isometric map 2D
  • QuadTree for optimised collision detection
  • Entity, Sprite (static, animated)
  • Scene (With some effects like shake)
  • GUI manager with buttons, progress bar, etc..
  • Components like Virtual pad (usefull for mobile development)

Engine 3D

  • Custom gemotry (Cube, Icosphere, Plane)
  • Material with various effect (include custom effect)
  • Camera FPS, TPS and fixed
  • Camera controller (with key mapping)
  • FBX and X 3d models (more formats are planned to be supported)


Yna Engine is currently in beta stage but is stable enough to be used on small productions. Don't forget to read the roadmap for more informations.

12/25/2012 : The first game using Yna Framework is available on Windows Store ! The lost Maze is an exploration game where you must collect crystals and find out. Check it for free on Windows Store.

Supported Platforms

  1. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (with MonoGame and XNA*)
  2. Windows 8 & WindowsRT (with MonoGame)
  3. Windows Phone 7 (XNA)* / Windows Phone 8 (XNA* & MonoGame**)
  4. Linux (No support for now)

* XNA support will soon be stopped in favor of MonoGame.

** Windows Phone 8 support is pretty experimental at this moment.

Questions & contact

Contact us at or leave a message if you encounter a problem. You can follow me onTwitter or Google+.

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